We are MICIA

MICIA is an international NFT marketplace linked to China, created by HuanCheng Digital Technology and in collaboration with Tencent Cloud. We commit ourself to becoming THE MOST TRUSTED INTERNATIONAL NFT MARKETPLACE LINKED TO CHINA.

MICIA not only links Western and Chinese NFT marketplace, but also provides a social platform for both international and Chinese artists to communicate with multiple cultures.

Why Choose MICIA

Trustworthiness and reliability
Cooperation with Tencent cloud blockchain, supported by the giant, safe and reliable, sharing Tencent’s ecology.

Precise promotion
With the participation of a group of well-known top creators, the collectors in MICIA fully understand the value and significance of NFT, we match the Top NFT projects and Top collectors internationally even to China.

Community advantages
NFT as a passport, a new social experience and social approach based on WEB 3, where everyone can participate with NFT.

Selected creators can mint NFTs, and communicate with collectors directly in the social part and feel the market.

How we work

Micia is an platform integrated Social and Marketplace, with NFT as passport, ensure your community value transaction.

Social: communicate with international NFT player including China.

NFT marketplace: Trade your NFT internationally also with new engine of the NFT world-China.

Meet The Team

"Give everyone the right to publish nft projects and help them succeed."

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us anytime